Hermes Airports, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and Paphos Board of Tourism welcomed yesterday the first flight of Germania to Paphos Airport.

Hermes Airports, the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and Paphos Board of Tourism welcomed yesterday the first flight of Germania to Paphos Airport. Germania flights will connect Cyprus with five German cities.

In Paphos, Germania will operate five flights per week, connecting Cyprus with Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and Erfurt. All routes are scheduled to begin by 1 April.

In Larnaca, Germania will connect the city with Munich. More precisely, the airline will conduct a flight every week, starting on 31 March. The arrival of Germania to Paphos and Larnaca Airports is the result of collective efforts undertaken during the last few months by the tourism stakeholders of Cyprus.

In a statement, Wes Porter, CEO of Hermes Airports welcomed Germania to Cyprus. “We are very happy with the airline’s decision and we look forward to working with Germania to make this operation a success. Connection with Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, and Erfurt, supports our joint efforts to strengthen tourism arrivals to the island. We are certain that the traveling public will appreciate and take advantage of the unique offers of Germania”, he said.

Karsten Balke, Chief Executive Officer of Germania said: “With pleasant temperatures all year round, a wide range of top level hotels and a very good tourist infrastructure, Cyprus is an ideal holiday destination. We are very pleased that we can offer this attractive destination nonstop from Berlin, Dusseldorf, Erfurt-Weimar, Hamburg and Munich.”

In a statement the Chairman of Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Angelos Loizou, noted that “the German market is one of the main markets for Cyprus tourism. However, we believe that there is a great potential to attract much more German tourists, with diverse interests from this market. This can only be achieved with good cooperation among all partners involved, including, of course, Germania Airlines”. Mr Loizou also said that “the Cyprus Tourism Organisation will continue to support the airline in their efforts to bring increasing number of German tourists to Cyprus”.

Nasos Hadjigeorgiou, Executive Director of the Paphos Board of Tourism, noted that "in addition to the financial benefits which will be generated for Paphos and the country as a whole, the operation of Germania in Cyprus, will also create a new perspective for the German market”. As he said, “it will also contribute to the reduction of unemployment in the near future, mitigate the seasonality and promote the image of Paphos, worldwide.” Furthermore, Mr Hadjigeorgiou highlighted that “Germania’s flights are expected to increase arrivals, both, by the organized groups and the individual tourists, as well as visitors of special forms of tourism."




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