Congratulations to the winner of the "Leptos News" magazine competition.

Stella Delitsikou was the winner of the competition in the Winter Issue of the "Leptos News" magazine. Stella received a free accommodation offered by the Coral Beach Hotel and Resort.
There were a large number of entries, to the competition, who answered all the questions correctly but Stella was lucky to be picked to win the prize.
The aim of "Leptos News" is to inform employees on the activities and events organized by the group and to continue to build rewarding relationships between the employees.
Stella expressed her delight on the continuous activities and events put in place by the Leptos Group and along with the rest of the personnel look forward to the new publication of the "Leptos News".
Photograph shows: Stella Delitsikou winner of the Winter Issue of the "Leptos News" competition receiving her voucher from Leptos Estates representative Marilena Panayiotaki (left).