Neapolis University Receives “Achievements 2019” Award in Science and Education


The “Achievements Forum – 2019” is an authoritative multicultural platform for the announcement of the “TOP-100 Companies Register” Winners who fulfilled the Organization and Expert Council’s criteria in four nominations: Business and Economy, Science and Education, Medicine and Healthcare, and Management of cities and territories.

The Achievements Award serves to recognize, reward and honour excellence across business and economy, science and education, healthcare, culture and art. This Award supports, promotes and develops the best regional companies, institutions and personalities in different activity spheres, by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring participants to continually raise the standards of their product and service offerings.

At the Award Ceremony, the Socrates Nomination Committee presented Neapolis University in Cyprus as a leading regional educational services provider. Neapolis University was awarded with the main Forum’s Award “Achievements 2019” in the nomination Science and Education for its strong position in the national market and in international sector ratings, successful implementation of modern management technologies, staff excellence, and efficient marketing strategy.

On behalf of the University, the Rector Professor Pantelis Sklias attended and received the relevant distinction.




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